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Our Menu

Healthy & Nutritious Breakfast at 8AM.

Homemade Soups & Toasted Hearty Sandwiches

Great Smoothies & Protein Shakes, Raw Food Shakes
(New York style & VERY Healthy)

Breakfasts & Desserts

Protein Muffin – The only muffin you can have for breaky that delivers 20g of protein and NO GUILT.

Breaky Wrap – Egg whites, fresh diced red and green pepper, ham, buffalo chili or melted low fat swiss or cheddar
cheese and mild salsa in your choice of organic wraps – spinach, tomato, masala or whole wheat.

Breakfast in a Glass – 1/2 c muesli, blueberries, raspberries, natural yogurt, blended with skim milk. Add EFA oil and 20g whey or soy protein powder to make this a complete meal.

Banana & Coffee WAKE UP – Banana, hot coffee blended with hot skim milk – great hot for winter days and can be served as a cold drink for summer. With 20g whey protein or soy isolate powder.

Energy Shakes

Super Juice – Your choice of juice, all the berries, with Glutamine or Super Glu2. Great for mental as well as physical energy.

Joint Aide – Pineapple, mango, raspberries, Udo’s oil and Proline for muscle and joint health… Ask us how!

Carbo Banana sMOOthie – Banana, peach and pineapple in juice with 20g of whey isolate protein or soy protein
for added endurance.

Pina COW Lada – Pineapple juice, lite coconut milk, mango chunks and vanilla whey isolate protein or soy protein.

The Marathon – Creatine, Super Glu2 and whey isolate protein or soy protein in juice with banana and blueberries.

Moo’s Shakes

Make a Shake – Be creative! Choose between 20g whey protein isolate or soy powder and combine with your choice of two fruits in nonfat milk, soy milk or juice.

Wheyberry blast – 20g whey or soy isolate protein powder, all the berries and banana in cranberry or unsweetened orange juice.

Coco Cabana – Tropical fruits (mango, banana and pineapple) blended with coconut milk in mango juice and 20g vanilla whey or soy protein isolate.

Super Shake – 40g protein isolate, EFA (essential fatty acid oil), Creatine or Glutamine, fiber blend, skim milk,
soy milk or juice with yogurt or ice cream and two fruits of your choice.

Jamaica Shaka – Orange juice, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and pineapple with whey protein.

The Usual – What you like, made the way you like it!

Moo’s Meals

Feta, Chicken & Veggies – Roasted chicken breast, feta cheese, organic brown rice with a choice of sauce. 353 calories.

Chicken Cardon MOO – Diced ham, roasted chicken breast, fresh veggies and organic brown rice tossed in your choice of sauce and spice and melted low fat swiss cheese.

Lime Shrimp Curry – Your choice of our fresh veggies, organic brown rice and cooked shrimp in a medium spicy curry sauce.

Mexi Tuna – Corn, organic brown rice, fresh diced green pepper and tomato, medium salsa, tossed with light tuna
and served with low fat sour cream.

Buffalo Chili – A medium spicy organic Alberta buffalo chili served on a bed of brown rice and topped with your choice of diced fresh veggies, low fat cheddar and sour cream. Complete meal – 475 cal, chili, veggies & rice.


Lemon Chicken Caesar – Diced roasted chicken breast, fresh romaine lettuce tossed with fresh veggies and our low fat lemon garlic ceasar dressing. Add cheddar if you like.

Texas-Sized BBQ Ranch – roasted chicken breast with romaine lettuce, fresh veggies, shredded cheddar tossed with low cal. BBQ sauce and creamy light ranch dressing. FILL UP without FILLING OUT!

Couscous Chicken Salad – Roasted diced chicken, tomatoes, green onion and chick peas served with Udo’s Oil
EFA (essential fatty acid) dressing.

Tuna Bean Salad – green beans, tuna, dried cranberries, romaine lettuce tossed with EFA (essential fatty acid) dressing and mild lemon pepper spice.


All of our Rice Bowls & Salads can be put in one of our tasty Low Carb & Gluten Free Organic Wraps!