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Day Camp Lunches

Moo’s offers bagged lunches for the YMCA summer camps programs. For $5.50 the kids get a complete lunch and have as many as 6 choices of healthy meals and desserts. A beverage is included and consists of juice boxes, or carton of white or chocolate milk.

Mom’s can have peace of mind and the kids can have a tasty, good for them, lunch.

We also offer child size portions of any of our regular menu items and would be glad to customize a lunch to your child’s specific needs. If there are any allergy concerns we would be happy to plan your meals to accommodate these issues as well. Moo’s is a peanut and nut free food service.

We will be serving yogurt cones , frozen yogurt shakes and all fruit slurpees as well for those hot summer days.

YMCA Summer Day Camp Lunches Program

 You can place your order HERE: