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About Us

THE FOUNDERS: Val and Richard Locke

The original concept for Mooʼs Healthy Food Fast was designed by Val a former competitive athlete and science major with the support and expertise of her husband Richard.

She spent many years as the Canadian Representative for three of the most well know and respected medical testing labs in the USA. Her background in Amino Acid and Protein Chemistry, and Richardʼs thirty years of expertise in retail Health Food Store outlets, give Mooʼs a unique application of nutrition and service to clients.


The concept of Mooʼs arose as a result of the need to fill a niche market for those patrons of fitness and health centers, who wished to eat nutrient rich and nutritionally balanced meals and shakes after a work out to speed recovery and increase mental and physical performance.

The idea that healthy food could be served fast seemed to be essential and timely and the smoothie bars that have emerged over the past 10 years have only served to lull patrons into a false sense of quality nutrition.

Mooʼs philosophy is to provide healthy balanced macronutrients in a tasty presentation. The Juice and smoothie bars have evolved over the last decade fail to address the need for nutrients such as fiber, essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates. Mooʼs does that and makes it fun. Our clients are encouraged to (with our guidance) to create their own culinary masterpieces. For those who have no time we have offered a comprehensive menu that takes the effort, time and complication out of meal planning. Our salads, green smoothies, health shakes, chili, rice bowls and whole grain protein Piadinaʼs provide tasty “healthy food fast”.

No need to compromise your health. Mooʼs provides an answer.